A New Year, A New Season, A New Tent-venture

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Holidays are the perfect time for many things. They are the time for family. They are the time for food. They are the time to reflect on a year past. They are the time to look towards the future of a year ahead. They are a great time to feel deeply rooted. They are a time to play. They are a time to laugh and to love. Unfortunately for me, I had to stick around in Boise to fully immerse in my new job. However, that didn't stop the rest of the family from diving head first into the winter wonderland edition of FP40.

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This is the first winter of the FP40 tent. We can clearly see the potential of the hardwall tent in the summer-- it's easy. There's so much hiking and mountain biking around, and at night the crisp air is refreshing, but not debilitating. However winter in the mountains can be an entirely different story. The nights are bone-chilling and a think blanket of snow covers everything. It can make access difficult and we have been wondering what it would do to the potential activities. When we put the tent up at the end of this summer we thought that it would make a great winter get-away as well...but we couldnt be sure. So, *drumroll please*, cue the field testing!

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The family-winter-test-run seemed to be a success. While I was slaving away in the Boise area (I'm being melodramatic, I'm fine. Work was relatively quiet.) I kept receiving snapchats of fun winter playtime you see here. Laughs were had, snowballs (and sleds) were thrown-- and we've officially given the tent the thumbs up for a winter stay get-away. The walls are insulated and keep the place cozy with a fire even on the coldest of nights. There is great snowshoeing around. It's a good place to practice cross country skiing to get your legs under you. And it's also right next door to the best local sledding spot in town. Dogs of all ages seem to be into it too.



We think we found our favorite place to play for the winter. Maybe you will too. 


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