It's Just the Beginning

Starting a new business is daunting. It's something that requires a little bit of thought, a lot a bit of money and time, and just a couple minutes of delusions and courage to get started. Here at Freeman Peak 40 we're experiencing all of these things. 

So why get started? As our friends, family, acquaintances, community members and strangers, you may be asking yourself this very question. There are a lot of reasons but the short answer is the following: We love this piece of land. This forty acres at the base of Freeman peak is something that has belonged to our family for going on four generations. Not only are we committed to keeping it relevant, but we are also wanting to make sure we have a means of sharing it with those around us. By putting up a hard wall tent we create the opportunity to cultivate a space that can be enjoyed for longer periods of time. We create the opportunity to play in the rejuvenating spirit of the mountains. We create something we would like to take care of. This could mean alone-time writing poetry in the shade of some trees, hiking up into the public lands behind the tent, mountain biking into the Discovery Hill area, or just enjoying a couple of nights under the stars with close friends and family. We believe this is one of the most beautiful, special places in the world-- and we hope you do too.

What you can expect from us in the coming months--

  • A finished and beautiful hard wall tent (which I jokingly call a "hard wall palace" because 'tent' just doesn't seem to do it justice). As our first space we'll be renting it out for $50 a night. Because we're just starting out we want and need your feedback. Come stay a night. Tell us what you think-- what did we do well? What were we missing? Would you come back? Would you tell your friends? Why or why not? The more you let us know, the better. 
  • We'll be working hard to get our social media up and running smoothly. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and keep checking on this blog to keep track of what we're doing. If you're involved in any way we'd love for you to share, take pictures, hashtag (#freemanpeakforty #FP40 #freemanpeak40), and tell your friends. If you have inquires about availability or the business in general hit us with an email at
  • Insight to our future plans. We have ideas. Many luscious ideas. This will of course mold and bend and break but we'll be sharing with you. 

In the meantime, we are enjoying the journey and inviting you to enjoy that journey with us. So welcome to the FP40 family. We can't wait to share our favorite place with you. Stay tuned! 


``Dagny Deutchman
Media Coordinator

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