Scotch Night: An (Almost) First Night With Friends


There are a couple of finishing touches that still need to be made-- toilet system needs to be installed and the kitchen hutch needs to be added, to name a few. But for all intents and purposes, the FP40 adventure lodging hardwall tent is up and running.


Hardwall Tent

Although admittedly Ella (my mom), threw an all ladies party up at the tent last weekend, I've beat her to the punch on getting a blog posted about it. In which case, I'm dubbing as at least my first official use of the space. (Note: Ladies reading this who were at the hen party last weekend should put the pressure on my mom to get some pictures and post a blog about your adventures ;], we want to know about your FP40 shenanigans too!)



My first plan was to have just a quiet night with some of my closest female friends. Lara and Hannah and I were going to bring wine, crafts, and giggles to cozy up for the evening. However, when my neighbor from last winter, Ben, decided he was coming into town, I had to invite him up to see the space as well. Word got out that Ben was arriving and our mutual friends Brandon and Mike wanted to spend some quality time with him. We invited them too. At that point, it only made sense to invite the rest of the Adventure Crew (Dove, Lindsey, Thrice, Will) to make it a proper evening in the woods. Because Ben was the guest in this situation, his one request--scotch--made the grocery list. (Lara and I might have added a couple of other items)



Each summer I get to Salmon with intentions to play in the sunshine with all of my local friends. By now I should know how this idea is completely delusional. When river guiding season is in full-swing I barely have time to see my own family when I'm in town. My roommates don't even know I exist. The room I rent ends up being the most expensive storage unit in town. I always think that the end of summer will slow down and I'll have plenty of time to share. Equally delusional thought. Well, we are full swing into autumn now and on Sunday I depart for yet another adventure. I move myself up to Boise for the remainder of the winter. Although an accident, it was incredibly nice to spend a technology-free weekend in one of my favorite places on earth, in a beautiful wall tent, with the humans I adore. 


The night was full of summer fishing tales, river stories, and travel plans. We ate fire-warmed soup (This only took us several hours to complete. Despite our collective excess experience of cooking in the outdoors, we were terribly inefficient with dinner making). We made shadow puppets on the wall. We had impromptu dance parties. It was everything and outdoor adventure evening with your friends should entail. 


In the morning, we all trickled out at different hours. Lara, Mike, Ben and I were the last ones to finally roll out of bed, cot, and sleeping bag. We guzzled water, ate yogurt, and went out on a light mid-morning hike. The four of us took the 10 minutes to clean up the space before standing outside of it swapping awe of what a fun last friend-shindig we could have before all dispersing for the year. 



As we were pulling the last of the stuff off of the porch to leave Ben turns to me and says "Man, this is a really cool place." 

And then it sunk in. The gratitude for a place in the mountains to gather with my friends. 

"Yeah, this IS a really cool place. I'm excited about seeing where it goes." I responded.


Here at FP40 -- we hope you think it's pretty cool, too. =]


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